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My photographs are full of warm colors and outdoor locations. Glowing light and saturated tones. From that day to the final photos.

I can't wait to envelop you.



I don't shoot in spite of who someone is, I shoot because of it. Race. Gender, Size. Orientation. You're magic. I already know.

I can't wait to love you.



I want to photograph YOU. Show up as you are. I show up as me. I'm only here to capture and highlight how beautiful you are.

I can't wait to know you.



Be ready to laugh. Laugh some more. And maybe even laugh more! I'm known for everything from bad jokes to puns to dancing. 

I can't wait to smile with you.



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"SO Easy"

- MAIrin 

Interior Designer, Sports Car Enthusiast, and Owner of Mairin Egge Designs

"Best Photos that feel like US"

- Christe 

Hilarious Fashionista at Classically Christe and Fundraising Expert at Creative Konsulting

"She cheers me on!"

- Ange 

Overall badass, Owner of No Brand Co, and @AngeUnfiltered

"Go book a session with her!"

- olivia 

Ray of sunshine, Owner of LiviBug'sBoutique

"She's so fun, funny, and creative!"

- Liz

Photography Featured on Gina Royale's 
California Poppies
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