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Hi, I'm Dylan! I'm a photographer (and cheerleader) here to capture what makes you beautiful and unique.


a little bit about

Love is Love
Black Lives Matter
You're on Native Land
Mia Themopolis is the ultimate Disney princess
You can never have too many books
Wine should be red and coffee should be iced

I Believe That:

My Favorites:

Political Tshirts 
Aisle Seats
Parks and Rec

"Dylan has this knack of capturing the ideas in my mind and making them even better than the original."

- Cailin L.

My photographs are full of warm colors and outdoor locations. Glowing light and saturated tones. From that day to the final photos.

I can't wait to envelop you.



I don't shoot in spite of who someone is, I shoot because of it. Race. Gender, Size. Orientation. You're magic. I already know.

I can't wait to love you.



I want to photograph YOU. Show up as you are. I show up as me. I'm only here to capture and highlight how beautiful you are.

I can't wait to know you.



Be ready to laugh. Laugh some more. And maybe even laugh more! I'm known for everything from bad jokes to puns to dancing. 

I can't wait to smile with you.



what makes us a good fit


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