Clients Say... 7
Clients Say... 8

“It was so lovely working with Dylan to take head shots. Launching a new business can be stressful and she was so encouraging and wise with her advice and guidance. She helped me target my brad and marketing efforts, and helped me feel gorgeous, capable, and confident during our photo shoot. She is able to direct really effectively and positively without feeling critical. I highly recommend her services!”

Maggie from

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Clients Say... 9

“I absolutely loved working with Dylan!!! She made me feel so comfortable both with my vision and during the shoot. Both of our creative spirits went into this shoot and it came out amazing. If you need a photographer, she is your gal!!”

Zaina from TheChicChemist

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Clients Say... 10

“Dylan started out by doing a through investigation of my current branding and marketing efforts.  She then created a marketing action plan, which included Facebook and LinkedIn advertising.  She helped to create and publish ads that were consistent and impactful.  I really appreciate her through and passionate effort on my behalf. In our time working together, she has been able to direct me so that my membership has been increasing 7% per month. I would recommend Dylan to anyone interested in growing their business.”

Dale, founder and CEO of Options Infinity