Work with Me 1

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media because you aren’t posting photos that you love? Are you great at the service or product that your business offers, but not great at showing it off?

I get it.

And, before we go any further, just know that I believe in you.

Whether you want to bring creativity and beauty into the world. Or inspire others to be better. Or help your clients live more authentic lives. Whatever it is, you’ve spent countless hours working towards that goal.

Now let’s make sure everyone knows it.

Work with Me 2

Ways to Work Together

Photography Session

A customizable professional (and fun!) photo shoot that highlights the unique and joyful details.

This is for you if…

  • You have an established brand, but want to collaborate to amplify your message with high quality images
  • You’re a model/fashion blogger/stylist and want a professional to shoot your creations or campaigns
  • You’re an executive/entrepreneur/business badass looking for head shots and other photos that show off your professionalism and personality
  • You’re a couple who wants photos that capture the personality and the playfulness of your relationship.

Marketing and Photography Session

A marketing and branding session before the included photo shoot to help establish and clarify brand messaging, ideal audience, and goals. Other combinations can include copywriting services, social media consultation, or website review.

This is for you if…

  • You have a business/brand, but feel like you could go from directionless to dangerous with a little strategy and some TLC (not the waterfall chasing kind…) plus a set of photographs that aligns with those goals
  • You’re a new business that is working through the basics of marketing and would like to jump start this process with a tested framework plus photography services

If you’re looking for specific social media tips, someone to do everything for you, or just don’t value the impact that vision and branding can have on your business, I totally understand…and we can still be friends.

But if you’re looking for someone to help you get clear on what makes your business special and how you can amplify it, then here I am. Extending my hand and asking if you trust me… (Just like Aladdin)

Let’s schedule a discovery session to see if we are the next dynamic duo!